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Past and present criticisms of clown acts in Triton Troupers Circus.

Hooper family review of 2007 show:
Clowns in audience was good.
Hypnotism bit was good.
All speech was unintelligible.
Couldn't understand any verbal punchline.
Clowns should interact with kids more.

Ritholz review of 2007 show:
Kids liked slapstick clowning.

Harvey review of 2007:
Has seen some good material and performance in past years.
Liked pie baking skit.
Liked the shirt with rediculously long sleeves gag.
Style is different from Ringling; too little animation, too much talking.
Clowns have not asked for input/help from at least two Ringling trained clowns in cast: Randy and Kevin.
Only way to improve is to take away the verbal, but would need to strengthen the animation to compensate.

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