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The classic Pierrot, harlequin clown face. All white, with features (eyebrows, nose, mouth) painted on in black and red. Other decoration in various other colors. Called NEAT Whiteface when the features are ordinary size; GROTESQUE Whiteface when they are extra large.


The most comic clown face. Base color, pink or reddish Instead of white. Features, (red and black) are enormous size. Mouth, usually thickly outlined with white, which often Is used also around the eyes. The Auguste is the most slapstick of all clowns, his actions wilder, broader than the other types. The Auguste gets away with more and bigger pranks.


Whiteface and Auguste faces are true clown masks. The Character clown face is a comic slant on the standard human face. Character clown faces make sport of mustaches, beards, whiskers, freckles, warts, odd-looking or large noses and ears, bald heads, strange haircuts and facial features of feminine beauty. The most widespread Character clown face is tramp or hobo.

This artwork was excerpted and enhanced from an unattributed page included with a basic clown workshop handout packet distributed during a late-1990s season class of Gamma Phi Circus.